Plus GSM

Payments for Plus GSM

Filling up mobile operator Plus GSM
Enter your real e-mail, that support could communicate with you in case of problems
with your payment
Enter phone number (9 digits)
Input the sum in złoty into "sum:" field
Minimum sum 10 zl.
Choose payment system through which payment will be made:
Perfect Money(USD), OKPay(USD), BitCoin, BTC-E(USD), LiqPay/Visa/MC(USD), Privat24(USD).
In the "Amount due" field the approximate sum for payment will be calculated
(*more exact sum will be calculated on the next page)
Press "Pay" button, and you will be redirected on the payment confirmation page.
Payment into your account will arrive within 15 minutes (at most 1-2 hours).

Be attentive when you input the Phone number,
payment which is sent at the expense of others, it is impossible to return!

If your sim card isn`t activated or disabled, it can`t be filling up

Be sure that your mobile operator is exactly Plus GSM

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